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Comprehensive Real Estate, Relocation, & Estate Sale Services from Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester

Discover how Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester can help you or your loved one relocate and find a new home with comprehensive relocation and real estate services in Worcester, MA and the surrounding areas

Should you or a loved find yourself going through a life transition, we know the decisions and planning that come with it aren't always easy.  At Caring Transitions, we provide a complete turnkey service to take the stress away.

Downsizing your home is not an easy task. We first create a 3D floor plan of your new space you are moving into, to determine what will fit and what won’t; so we can visually share this information with you. Once everything is decided on for the move and what fits, everything is packed up and moved (we’ll even take pictures to remember how your kitchen and bedroom are setup to duplicate the setup as much as possible in your new space).  We manage every step of your move and then resettle you into your new space, unpacking everything and putting it all away; we want the process to be seamless for you.

Once you are all moved in, then we start the process at your house, we sort and organize the rest to determine what’s of value and what’s an everyday item for either an online auction or donation service. Then, once your Online Auction is completed, we will donate anything left to a local charity on your behalf and we cleanout all items like old paint cans and any other debris left as trash, we can also handle multiple boxes of  shredding, leaving your house broom swept for the next phase, selling your home. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, you are in good hands to get top dollar selling your house on your timeline.

Using our Turnkey Package will save you Thousands of dollars along with eliminating all the stress for you.  Our average Discount is worth over $3,500 or more when also Selling Your House with us.

How Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester Can Help

Joe Abbascia Is a licensed Auctioneer and also a licensed Real Estate Broker with the state of MA.  Both companies come with a BBB A+ rating with over 17 years’ experience.  Joes team at Caring Transitions can get this entire downsizing and relocating process done for you in week’s verses many months trying to work with multiple companies, with their different schedules and timelines. Our Real Estate brokerage sister company Properties Central Realty is completely versed in aggressively marketing your property to negotiate for the highest price; we have sold hundreds of homes and know how to handle buyers issues and also negotiate home inspections  and anything  that comes up, all in your best interest.