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Complete Relocation & Estate Sale Assistance from Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester

Find out how our relocation and estate sale experts can help you and your loved ones with your upcoming life transition in Worcester, MA and the surrounding areas

If you or a loved one are in need of compassionate and comprehensive relocation, downsizing, estate sale or real estate services, Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester is the perfect one-stop shop for all of your needs for your upcoming life transitions. We are proud to serve the Greater Worcester, MA area with comprehensive, compassionate and efficient life transition services that will help take care of all of the logistics for you. Below is a detailed description of our process and how our team can help you or your loved ones

How Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester Can Help

Upon contacting our team by calling 508-556-9100 or by filling out our online contact form, our team of experts will help answer any of your questions and set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We will then meet with you at the home to ascertain what exactly is in the house as well as what kinds of services are required and build a relocation plan that works well with your budget, timeframe and needs.

We will put together a plan including all of the services that you need, including downsizing, donations, selling valuables and home items through our national auction platform, final cleanup with trash on site, full-service relocation assistance, and much more.

Once we determine what services are needed, we can give a 3D floor model of the new room to assess what will fit, and then we pack, move, and thoroughly relocate our customer into their new home. We can help you stage and set up your new living space as well, including putting dishes and glasses away in the cabinets, putting up the shower curtain, making the beds, and much more.

Estate Sale Assistance in Greater Worcester, MA

When we get back to the house, the first thing we do is go through each and every room and separate the belongings into those that will be sold and those that will be donated in the name of the homeowner. After we have grouped all of the products that are for sale, the next step is to refine those groups into lots, where a lot can consist of a single item or multiple groups. This gathering is prepared in the space designated for the picture shoot, complete with backdrops and lighting. We take 10–15 photographs along with a comprehensive description to ensure that prospective purchasers are aware of the item's value in the market.

We spend a significant amount of money on marketing, first on our own nationwide buyers list, then on several estate sale and auction sites that only permit licensed auctioneers, then on Facebook Ads and target specific ads to closed Facebook groups to target a large audience of buyers. When the auction is over, we hold a day for local collection, and then we get the items that were won ready for shipping; we ship anywhere in the country for things that are small to medium in size. We are able to sell anything, even automobiles, due to our status as a certified auctioneer.

Once all of the things from the auction have been collected or sent, any remaining items are donated, and the home is given a thorough cleaning. We are also able to help with hoarder homes.

The goal is to get the house cleaned out and ready to sell for the real estate agent in a matter of weeks rather than months. We can even bring in a few of our resources to help the real estate agent by fixing a deck, pressure washing, painting, or touching up a few rooms. We manage every aspect of the process described above and charge a flat price to do so. The only additional expense is the cost of the trash dumpster, and we pay for it in advance and pass the bill along to the customer. In addition, we distribute to our clients thirty-five percent of the proceeds from the auction sale. Following the consultation, a flat price will be agreed upon. This fixed cost is often compensated by the auction, and in certain cases the auction will pay for it in its whole. Every employee has their past reviewed, and our company is both bonded and insured. We have the highest credentials in the industry and are certified transition and relocation specialists in addition to holding an auctioneer's license.

If you or a loved one are in need of relocation, downsizing or estate sale assistance, please reach out to our team of experts in Worcester, MA at 508-556-9100 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester is Proud to Serve the Following Areas of Massachusetts:

Worcester, Leicester, Cherry Valley, North Oxford, Oxford, Sutton, Auburn, Millbury, South Grafton, Grafton, North Grafton, Shrewsbury, Westborough, Northborough, Boylston