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Our Services: Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester

We deliver a comprehensive menu of relocation, downsizing, and estate sale services in Greater Worcester and Central Massachusetts

As life changes, it may become necessary to downsize and relocate. 

At Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester, we help our clients understand the process, evaluate their options, and make informed decisions that suit their best interests. We are committed to making each client’s experience positive by minimizing stress and maximizing results.

Whether you, your loved one, or your business is due to undergo a major transition, the dedicated team of specialists at Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester is always ready to help. We run a one-stop-shop for all types of transitions including relocation services, downsizing assistance, staging estate sales, hosting online auctions, and more. 


Household Relocation


Clients often ask us to provide our all-inclusive relocation services and manage their family’s or their senior loved one’s relocation from start to finish. Working with us, you will gain access to our top-of-the-line space planning software. This way, you will be able to configure and plan the layout of your new home before you even start packing – eliminating the guesswork.

When you let our experts handle your relocation, you can expect to receive such benefits as:

  • Access to an extensive network of our exclusive partners
  • Access to industry-leading space planning software
  • Sorting and organization of personal items
  • Managing a team of moving professionals
  • Unpacking and staging belongings at your new location
  • Realty Services
  • And more



Rightsizing and decluttering assistance often go hand-in-hand with our relocation services. Even if you are not planning to move in the foreseeable future, opting to downsize your belongings can help to make your living space more manageable, safer, and more comfortable. Downsizing can help you get rid of unnecessary or obsolete items and allow you to live in a more functional, accessible, and well-organized household. Our downsizing specialists typically help with:

  • Decluttering
  • Moving coordination and management
  • Sorting and organizing belongings
  • Proper paperwork and documentation management
  • Donations management
  •  and more!

Estate Sales & Online Auctions


Let our seasoned Caring Transitions team manage all your estate sale and online auction needs! We can act as an on-site advocate for the family, provide guidance and management to help liquidate any assets as quickly as possible, and set up and manage high-quality estate sales and auctions on our own proprietary online auction site called CTBids. These sales are not only a great way to help offset the cost of other services, but they are also a wonderful way to let others enjoy the belongings that are being downsized.

Our estate sale and online auction process includes:

  • Managing your entire estate sale process
  • Preparing your property for sale
  • Helping set up an account through our CTBids site to run your online auction
  • Correspond with donation and recycling programs of your choosing
  • Provide evaluation and appraisal of items
  • And much more!


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At Caring Transitions, we make it our mission to ensure your next transition runs smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Get in touch with our local Worcester office at 508-556-9100 to learn more about how our downsizing, estate sale, and relocation services can help you and your family. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and arrange a free consultation with our experts.