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Is your home and wardrobe dressed and ready for the new season? Fall has officially arrived and it’s time to welcome the new season with seasonal decor and clothing. From a checklist of items to the perfect colors to look out for, we have your guide to must-have Fall finds that are perfect to find new to you (gently used) for your home, wardrobe or leisure.


Family fun and entertaining can be year round. Fall is a season popular for tailgating, hiking, biking and enjoying nature. Purchasing outdoor goods in excellent or like new condition can help you extend your summer fun into the Fall season. The best way to find these items is shopping resale for extra savings often between 50-95% off retail cost. Try shopping online estate sales to find items below as a resale purchase: 

Outdoor Essentials for the Family

  • Bikes are harder to find since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Traditional bike shops and retailers are low on inventory. Shopping for gently used bikes can help you find a quality bike despite many of the challenges other shoppers are experiencing.
  • Grills can add extra utility to your outdoor space, even as temperatures begin to drop. Purchasing a high quality grill could last longer than a brand new grill of lower quality.
  • Fire Pits are a perfect focal point and gathering place to enjoy time with friends and family in your yard. Typical costs average $300-500. Creating your own fire pit or purchasing an unopened preowned item can cut costs tremendously.  
  • Patio Furniture can be pricey at retail costs. Preowned outdoor furniture can help you save. The right furniture can help zone your outdoor space and create pockets of color with cushions, pillows and throws.


Keep your wardrobe cozy by layering the right finishing pieces with the ability to take you through a day filled with a range of mild temperature mornings, to Indian Summer heat, and cool breezy evenings. When the temperature rises or falls, you want your wardrobe to be ready. From the perfect Fall jacket to leather boots, you can find smart items resale that will keep you well prepared for warm days and cooler evenings.

Wardrobe Essentials for Everyone

Remember to look for classic and sturdy fabrics or materials when shopping resale. Consider adding these classic items to your wardrobe at a fraction of retail cost when you shop “pre-loved.”

  • Coats and jackets like trench coats and peacoat are perfect layers to add to any Fall wardrobe. Look for classic cuts and durable sustainable fashion fabrics like leather, wool, qiviut, mohair or hemp.
  • Cardigans and sweaters, especially vintage, can add character to a cooler weather wardrobe. Pure cotton knits are known for withstanding the test of time.
  • Boots are a great way to add personality to your closet. When shopping for boots secondhand, pay attention to the condition of the uppers, soles and heels.
  • Denim is one of the most popular thrifted items because of their durability. Shop according to silhouette, fabric durability, and what best compliments your style. The perfect pair can last for seasons to come.


Infuse a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation throughout your home during Fall. Deeper color hues that complement the changes in nature can help transform your existing décor. You can reinvent your home for the season with upcycled or gently used finds.  Small simplistic changes can make your space feel more intimate while looking and feeling as cozy as possible. 

Living Spaces

Thrifting is the perfect way to find accent décor that can pull personality, color, and character into your home. Try these ideas in your living room, den, or bedroom:

  • Add rich toned higher pile rugs to bring in a pop of color, warmth, and texture.
  • Perfectly placed conversation pieces with Fall themes in gold or bronze tones compliment a warm color palette.
  • Art with vibrant earth tones and natural hues can bring cozy seasonal colors and scenes to life in your home.
  • Make furniture more inviting for lounging with blankets and throws made of soft “snuggle worthy” fabrics.
  • Use pillows to tie in Fall themed colors or patterns throughout gathering spaces, INCLUDING the dining room. 

Kitchen & Dining

Kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, and stemware are perfect items to thrift at estate sales or on online estate sale sites like CTBIDS.com. Look for these items to prepare your kitchen and dining room for Fall.

  • Slow Cookers are the perfect gadget to display during an informal gathering for added color and useful for preparing heartier meals.
  • Creative centerpieces using Fall inspired flowers, foliage and branches, fruits, and gorges can add budget friendly seasonal décor.
  • Colorful vintage glass and tins in yellow, orange, brown, or rust are the perfect items to hold centerpieces or deep-toned candles.
  • Colorful ceramic dishware paired with vibrant glassware can be used to dress your dining room for Fall and create an inviting feast for the eyes.


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